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Tems of reservations


Dear Customer,

Holding with the highest regard your security and ‘peace of mind’ when travelling, we’ve prepared this detailed outline of the Booking Terms and Conditions. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the provisions below before your booking, as your acceptance of these terms and conditions will enable us to authorize and execute your booking.


Operator – "MY WAYS" Paweł Gajowiecki, with its headquarters located on Os. Orła Białego 48/14, 61-251 Poznań, Poland. NIP: PL7822110362

Customer/Client – A person who contacts 2POLAND in order to make the booking and participate in a trip with 2POLAND.

Order – an electronic document (form), which is the only means of making Reservations - sent to the email address provided by the Customer.

Booking – an accepted and confirmed by the Operator Order of requested services (for example an overnight hotel stay).

Voucher – an electronic document sent by the Operator to the Customer confirming the booking. The Voucher should be presented to the 2POLAND Escort Person/Tour Leader as proof of purchase of service.


2.1. The subject agreement defines the terms and conditions under which Operator provides the Customer with Booking services.
2.2. Bookings are made through the email or phone contact or, if available - electronic reservation system available on www.2poland.com.pl


3.1. The purchase of tourism services is executed by means of the completion and dispatch of Order.
3.2. The client is obligated to complete the Order form correctly. Operator does not take any responsibility for the negative after effects resulting from the incorrect completion of the Order form by the Client.
3.3. It is the responsibility of the Client to verify whether the Voucher, confirmation of the services booked, was received successfully. In the case when this document is not received, Operator must be informed of this fact as soon as possible by the Client.
3.4. Operator does not guarantee a successful delivery of the reservation confirmation document and does not take responsibility for the negative after effects resulting from a missing Voucher/receipt during the service.


4.1. The exhibited prices on www.2poland.com.pl are per person. All prices include VAT taxes.
4.2. The exhibited prices do not include transportation to and from Poland (e.g. air/coach/train tickets). 
4.3. The Client accepts that the exhibited prices are subject to change within prior notice. Operator will confirm the actual price during the booking process and will provide it on Voucher or receipt (reservation confirmation document).


The only legally binding unit of currency for payments is the Polish Zloty (PLN). However, the Operator accepts payment in foreign currencies GBP/EUR/USD. There can be differences in the final price charged due to differences in the exchange rate used by the credit card authorization centre or Client bank. There are many forms of payment such as: credit card and bank transfer. Third party payment operators, may can add their own commissions to the total price.

Pre-payment must be done in order to confirm the booking within 48 hours since the booking had been made.

The rest must be paid at the point of pick up in the day the service starts, in cash or by credit card (if available - customer is previously advised if credit card terminal is available at the particular trip), or in a different way, indicated by The Operator.

a)The Operator sends a payment link via email.
b) The Customer uses the link to proceed and authorize the payment.
c) The Operator confirms the booking after receiving the payment.

The system permits the Client to pay for ordered services by way of a bank transfer while complying with the following conditions:
a) Operator must receive complete payment within 48 hours before the date of the first night stay.
b) If payment is not received 48 hours before the date of the first night stay, the Operator has the right to terminate Order.
c) Upon receiving payment Operator will confirm the Clients the Booking by Voucher/receipt. In the case when immediate Booking confirmation is required, the Client shall send the Operator proof of payment to the following e-mail address: info@2poland.com.pl

Payment via bank transfer should be made to the following bank account of Operator:

GBP (from UK only)


Sort code: 04-00-75


IBAN: GB66 REVO 0099 7073 2300 08



Payment for the booking at the point of meeting is not allowed. All bookings must be paid in advance.

5.4. Refunds are processed only to the original form of payment. In some individual cases, upon The Operator's approval, The Customer may set up a different method than the original one.


6.1 Operator will issue to the Customer a VAT invoice according to the goods and services tax bill of Poland within 7 days of the conclusion of the service.
6.2 If the Client incorrectly provides invoice data, the Operator will not be able to make changes to the VAT invoice after a 7 day period from the conclusion of the service.


Any additional services exploited by the Client during the service, not booked through the Operator, will be the sole responsibility of the Client.


The Operator enables two different types of Reservations depending on accessibility of services:
8.1. ON-LINE Reservation – services are accessible in real-time (online), in which case Operator instantly confirms Reservation and sends the Client the Voucher/Receipt to the indicated by the Client e-mail address.
8.2. ON-REQUEST Services – services are accessible on-request (available off-line), in which case Operator checks availability of services and has 48 hours (during workdays) and 72 hours (during non-workdays) to confirm Reservation, from the moment the Order was completed by the Client.
8.3. For successful and fully paid Reservations the Client, along with Order confirmation, also receives Voucher/Receipt which is an essential document to be presented at the point of service.
8.4.  In the case where a booking was made using the traditional bank transfer payment option, the Operator will send the Client the confirmation email/voucher only after confirming that the amount of the service ordered has been account for on the specified bank account of the Operator.


9.1. Any modifications or cancellations of a Booking must be performed via email.
9.2. Any changes or cancellation made by the Client need to be verified and confirmed by Operator in writing.
9.3 If no restrictions apply the Operator will modify or cancel the Booking without any additional costs to the Client.
9.4. The actual Terms and Conditions of modifications and cancellations may be different than the general rules presented below depending on the particular offer details. Operator will inform the Client of the actual and binding Terms and Conditions in a clear and concise manner during the booking process on the order form as well as the Voucher (confirmation of Booking). In the case when no specific conditions are listed in the order form or Voucher, the following Terms and Conditions shall apply:
a) Full refund applies if cancellation is made within 48 hours after the Booking was made
b) After 48 hours from the Booking confirmation refund applies against 10% penalty fee.
c) If the cancellation is made within 14 days before scheduled service no refund applies.
d) Operator does not take responsibility for the currency exchange rate costs.


10.1. If the originally Booked services are for whatever reasons unattainable, the Operator will try to the best of its ability, to provide the Client with as similar as possible in price, standard and duration alternative services. If the Client rejects the alternative proposition of a similar service Operator will reimburse the Client the full amount charged.
10.2. In any event total Operators liability is limited to the amount that the Client was charged while making a Booking through the Reservation System. After that amount is reimbursement to the Client, the Operator is free of any additional claims of action by the Client.
10.3. The Operator takes great care to present “up to date” and accurate information in the Reservation System.


11.1.The  Operator is not the owner of facilities presented in the Reservation System, therefore:
a) The Operator does not take any responsibility for any damages suffered by the Client at the hands of the local service staff.
b) Operator does not take any responsibility for any inconvenience or unpleasant occurrence during the service.
c) Operator can not be held liable in crisis situations beyond Operators control, such as, natural disasters, strikes, wars, biohazards, etc, where the realization of the Reservation is impossible, in which case Operator is released from any responsibility to fulfil Reservation obligations and does not partake in any consequences regarding the legal binding of these Terms and Conditions.


12.1. Any complaints associated with the services rendered during the service should be filed by the Client directly to the Tour Leader or at the latest within 7 days after the completion of the service.
12.2. The Operator is obliged upon the Polish law to respond to the written complaint within 30 days from the date of complaint.

13.3. All complaints must be send to the email address info@2poland.com.pl or as a letter to the address:


Os. Orła Białego 48/14,

61-251 Poznań, Poland.

13.4. The Operator will respond to the complaint in the same way it was delivered.


The data collected by Operator when the Client makes a booking through the website, such as Name, telephone and fax numbers, email address and Invoice details is used to process a booking and to notify the Client about Booking details by email. As a members of the Reservation System the Client will occasionally receive updates from Operator about special offers, new services, and other noteworthy news items. However, the Client may always decline to receive these email and fax messages.


The Client who make a booking through the Operators system automatically accepts the Booking conditions and is fully aware of its contents and regulations.


15.1. The User Agreement was created under the strict guidelines of Polish law. The Polish internal laws, without regard to the principles of conflicts of laws, will govern this agreement and any dispute of any kind that arises between the Client and the Operator.
15.2. In the case of where one point of the Agreement is invalid, this does not affect the remaining points of the Booking condition.
15.3. The Operator reserves the right to change the Booking conditions at any time with out prior notice.