2 Poland Adventure is an idea of Poland's passionates. They met each other long time ago, in an international corporation. Despite completely opposite ways of life, they quickly became friends because they shared a common passion, which was travelling. They came up with an idea "let’s invite the world to travel here with us!”. They decided to merge powers and cooperate offering the best activities to foreign visitors to share their passion for Poland with the world. During numerous visits in various countries they easily noticed that the worldwide tourism is dominated by “big players”. In their business plans, huge corporations owning multiple number of hotels and resorts seem to exploit the local communities, rather than support them. decided to develop their project as a part of Responsible Travel idea, which enables local
communities and their resources to be part of the tourism business as much as possible. They disgust the triviality of mass tourism and put the emphasis on the local authenticity. They look for places which are not crowded by tourists and highlight their attractiveness. Their mission is to present Poland as no one does. They want you to join them exploring our Polish wild nature, meeting its hearty people, trying delicious traditional Polish cuisine and above all - experiencing the best adventures. They will show you their homeland off the beaten track. No matter where you come from, they will make you Love Poland.



Company details:
"MY WAYS" Paweł Gajowiecki
Os. Orła Białego 48/14, 61-251 Poznań, Poland
Tour Operator License number 863
Insurance number: 05.427.861

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