Feel like a pioneer riding through the Bieszczady wildlands!

A 5-day horse ride through the beautiful wilderness of Bieszczady. Saddle your horse and go through the Połoniny fields, rivers, mountains and woods. During the trip you will pass ruins of orthodox churches and villages - silent witnesses of rough Polish-Ukrainian history. After 6-7 hours in the saddle you will take a rest at the campfire, drinking local beverage and listening to the stories of local historical and current affairs.

The route is adjusted to the average level of experience of the group as well as the weather conditions. So each time it may vary.

Camps may be located outdoors or in guesthouses.

We offer baggage transfer, so there is no need to lead the horse with rucksacks and bags.



- fully equipped horse

- transfers (airport, baggage)

- accommodation (camp/pension/hostel)

- breakfast lunch and dinner each day of the route

- English speaking tour leader and local horsed guide

- camping equipment (tents and service)

- National Park entry tickets

- all taxes and fees

*Note that the price is per 1 adult person - valid only if 6 persons or more confirmed per group*

Price does not include transport (e. g. air/bus tickets) to and from Poland.


We provide camping equipment, however you are required to bring a sleeping bag with you. Make sure you take light spare clothes. In case of soaking a change of clothes is reasonably good idea. It is also wise to take  a waterproof coat or jacket.



The weather conditions might instantly change during the trip, and you will be traveling with the small backpack only. Make sure you pack it wisely.

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Prices from:
999 GBP / 1099 EUR

For availability & calculation 
click on the booking request

Day 1: airport pickup and transfer to Lutowiska or Czystogarb. Accommodation and first contact with horses. Basic training. Dinner.

Day 2-3: Horse ride. The guide will adjust and lead the route so that is safe and interesting, depending on the weather condition and riders' experience.

Meals are served during the ride. breakfast and dinner are served in the camp.

Day 4: return to the Base and checking out horses. Dinner

Day5: breakfast and airport transfer

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